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We are a truly professional firm with expertise in Project Management & Construction Management Consultancy.

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Service Charges

Our Objective is to help individuals or group of associates who have consolidated land and got land use changed and look forward for Developers to buy their lands by established Developers of India…. !!! Do you think they get due share of anticipated value, what they imagine ???


We are here to help such individuals (Land Consolidators) or Budding Business Houses to Design and Develop projects which are suitable to the environs where the land is


We do not take up consultancy of any property less than 200 sqyds. Under consultancy it’s generally observed that the client has apprehension to give due share of Consultancy charges. We assist our clients in Project Management Consultancy or Construction Management consultancy. We demand minimum 4.5% of sales value of anticipated floor value or of 10% of Total contract value for Project Management.


Property Development Consultancy

As a property development consultant, we study the location of land besides size, we get Predictive analysis done before designing the project. Most of the Developers have failed in selling their projects, because they never hired professional firms who have deep knowledge of sales and marketing. We ensure that money spent gets converted into Bookings. We charge 6% of Total Accrued sales.


 Property Management Consultancy

Here we take care of Designing (Architectural & Interiors) besides Construction. We ensure that all activities are undertaken & executed by us. Our Consultancy charges are all inclusive of all fee to be paid to consultants associated with us. Our Charges are 4.5% of Total sale value or 10% of Contract value.

Construction Management Consultancy

 Here we just take care of Construction Management Consultancy. We help individual customer in hiring the consultants. We don’t reimburse any fee to consultants from our share. Everything has to be borne by client. We guide and help client in recruiting consultant and Contractor in execution. Our staff takes care of Construction activities in executing construction as laid out in Contract conditions. Advantage is to give realistic figure and conclude cost impact of extra items to be executed in advance and reach an agreement in deciding rates of extra items beyond contract. We charge 8% of total cost estimate developed by us after signing of contract and receipt of contract binding advance.


Home Automation & Surveillance Security system

We get latest Home automation system and Surveillance Security System installed with AMC of 5 Years for all property owners of Apartments, Builder floors, Villas, Kothis & Famhouses. Our charges are competitive with explicit features.