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We are a truly professional firm with expertise in Project Management & Construction Management Consultancy.

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Maven Construction Management Consultant” is into Property Development Consultancy, Construction Management Consultancy, MEP (Mechanical/ Electrical/ Plumbing) Consultancy & Structural Designing Consultancy.

As Structural Design Consultants MCMC help Local Builders & Joint Venture Developers in getting their Residential / Commercial Buildings designed to take care of earthquakes. Structures designed by us are resistant to Earthquakes of 6.0 Richter Scale.

As MEP Consultants MCMC ensures that all Buildings shall be designed to take care of Electrical loads so that minimum energy bills gets generated, all electrical wires and gadgets shall not get burnt on instant fluctuation of voltages. Switches and switch boards are placed in a manner that accessibility becomes easier irrespective of age of family members. In plumbing we ensure that leakages & Blockages doesn’t happen. If by chance they do than these can be easily attended & rectified with minimum damages. Our designs of MEP helps in savings of materials in toto.

MCMC undertakes Construction Management Consultancy to facilitate Builders, Hoteliers, Hospitality Sector, Institutional Groups, Hospitals etc. to get their works executed through contractors with controls on material used of quality and curbing wastage components. MCMC also ensures that deviations, extra items & over billing by contractors gets arrested.

As Property Development Consultants MCMC helps Budding developers & Land Consolidators in bringing projects viable to market conditions. Perception marketing is done before design & development of Site Plans etc. We take care of entire design development, execution controls and Sales & Marketing of product with escalations to yield maximum profits.

Pricing Plan

We charge for services rendered by us in two parts, details of charges are mentioned hereunder as:

A. Under part A, we render services of Branding of Company, Branding of project & Branding of product. Branding is done by incorporating all features and components. For this we charge 1.5% of total accrued sales Amount. Except for expenses of advertising in Print Media, we take care of expenses incurred on Internet advertising, SEO promotion, E-Mailers, Event Management, Exhibitions are borne by us.

B. Under part B, for Pre-Construction we charge 0.75% of accrued sales amount, For Construction Management our charges are 3.5% of accrued sales amount and 0.25% of accrued sales amount is charged for Post – Construction activities. The expense for entire Staff for supervision and monitoring engaged by us on Project Execution will be borne by us.

Net amount charged by us excluding GST works out to 6% of total Sales proceeds.