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Engagement of Construction / Project Management Consultants shall be made Compulsory.

Central Government shall make rules wherein No Property Developer or Builder shall be allowed to carry on their projects without engaging Project / Construction Management Consultants.

Property Developers should not be allowed to carry on Construction without engaging Construction management Consultants. Even if you have handed over Construction to renowned construction companies, engagement of Construction Management Consultants should be there. These days one can get work extracted from third agency, but you can’t expect your own staff members to be loyal and honest.

I have seen rectification & remodeling works been carried out by non professional contractors breaking Column & Beams in E-1, Vasant Kunj, DDA Multi-Storied Flats and D-6 are of Vasant Kunj.

Chintel Pardiso one of the beautifully constructed buildings of Sector-109 has lost it’s sheen because of incident happened yesterday night. (https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/gurugram-news/two-dead-after-roof-collapses-in-sixth-floor-flat-in-gurugram-sector-109-101644517244200.html)

Chintel Group was into Land-Consolidation Business with a land Bank of 500 Acres in sector 107, 108 & 109. They entered into Joint Venture Agreement with renowned and Budding Developers of Nation. This particular Building was constructed by themselves. None of Construction management Consultants were roped in by any agency working in New Gurgaon Sectors by any of the Developers who has brought projects there. Such incidences will keep recurring there putting life of intellectual and hard working citizens at stake.

central Government shall bring an ordinance to take care of & arrest such nuisance.

How shameful it is that Civil Engineers are underpaid by all Developers & Construction companies all across our Nation.


  • Anil Sharma

    Haryana already has Double Engine Sarkar at state. Who is getting benefits, public or scoundrels who flouted all rules and regulations of multistoried constructions by giving contracts to incompetent construction companies just because they quoted less rates.

    Who suffered and what action double Engine sarkar took. Such structures shall be dismantled and reconstructed on Risk and Cost of Developers. If this law persists in government contracts then why not in private sector.

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  • Structural Audit by a structural consultant won’t be of any help as most of the structural consultants starts practising without taking any experience of construction at sites, they don’t get exposed to construction methods, systems & technology as most had never worked in construction companies.

    Construction Management Consultants shall be roped in for investigation and recommendations since most of these firms start their career only after gaining enough experience in construction firms. Their sole objective is to perform as a bridge between construction firms and clients. They keep watch on all activities happening at the site. One can pinpoint defects & remedies only when they are just there to check and approve.

    The entire building needs to be properly evaluated & reconstructed if required. Owners of property shall be immediately refunded their hard-earned money instantly.


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  • Sandeep Tiwari

    We also are in full support of above request..

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